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Technology plays a rapidly growing part in our daily lives. From helping manage various aspects of our businesses, to helping us communicate in new ways through media. Growing up during the emergence of the internet as we know it, led me to strive to become a creator. Doing so in New York City, led me to use those creations in order to give back to the community and share my newfound knowledge with others.

Over the years I have played many roles. From holding workshops for teachers at the New York Board of Education, developing a graphical manual for an online based operating system, and managing a City Council campaign’s new media; to producing a show for an online review outlet, and many things in between. All of these roles required an ability to hone in on what I knew I could bring to the table and how to merge that with what was needed from my client.

Going forward, I wish to develop more new relationships, so that I can keep bringing a bit of my own special magic to the teams and projects that need it.

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background image To me, photography is not only a profession but a profound love as well. From the snap of the shutter, to the timeless moments captured which last forever; photography is a special craft. In this age where cameras are everywhere in the form of a cellphone, I believe it is especially critical that we develop an understanding of quality over quantity. This is why, when I deal with my clients, I only provide the best results. Photos of quality, photos to be proud of, photos to remember.

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My design philosophy is simple... achieve proper functionality while using clean, simple, and appealing designs. Keeping contemporary looks in mind, using subtle hints of tactility are all part of my process. Whether it’s page layouts for a magazine, product advertisements, or software and website user interfaces, you can expect aesthetically pleasing results which facilitate maximum utility.

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Visual manual for Glide OS, designed using both Adobe Photoshop & Adobe InDesign for TransMedia Corporation
Source: Glide PDF Manual

Full Page Print Ad - Published in New York’s ManhattanTimes
Designed in Photoshop for People For Manny Velazquez
Source: Full Page Print Ad JPEG

Campaign Mailers - Postcard & A4 Format
Designed in Photoshop for People For Manny Velazquez
Source: Campaign Mailers JPEG

Inside The Bubble - A news based video series created, directed, edited for
Audio & Video edited with Adobe After Effects
Source: Youtube

TwoYork Cakes - Food Photography & Ad Copy
DSLR and special lighting used, designed and finished using both Adobe Lightroom & Photoshop
Source: Food Photography & AD Copy JPEG

TwoYork Cakes - Website & Official Logo
Designed using HTML, Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator

Dark Cards Android Game (unreleased) - UI design and C++ framework
UI assets designed using Adobe Photoshop, game framework coded using Microsoft Visual Studio 2013

NYC Community Board 12 - Email header design and mass emailing consultation
Designed using Adobe Photoshop
Source: Sample Email

NYC Community Board 2 - Database of JWLQA status buildings located in SoHo Manhattan
Database compiled in Microsoft Excel for NYC Community Board 2, mapping compiled using Google Maps

All designed using a combination of Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator
Designed using Adobe Photoshop

For additional samples feel free to make a request through the services section, or Click Here.

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